Renee Joly Dorney

Cell: 781-710-0859

Renee Dorney comes to boardwalk with a background in Finance and a strong family history in real estate sales and development.

As the daughter of Boardwalk owner James Joly, Renee has been exposed to the real estate industry her whole life from both parents. After graduating high school she obtained her salesperson license and worked as her father’s assistant during college. A 2009 graduate of Bentley University, Renee stepped away from the family business and worked in financial planning until she started her family. She considers the few years she spent in the financial planning field as invaluable to her career in Real Estate. It gave her a deep understanding of how different types of assets affect our finances- today and in the future. “Real Estate is most always a person’s largest asset, so it plays a huge role in our overall financial picture from our monthly mortgage payment to our retirement goals. There’s also a lot of emotion that goes into real estate- where you live has huge impact on your life. I strive to balance the financial and emotional aspects of the transaction for my clients, and be the voice of reason.”

While home with her kids, Renee developed an interest in home design and decor and started getting back involved in real estate doing design consulting and staging for new construction projects. What began again as a hobby reignited her appeal towards real estate, motivating her to get back into the field. “I really just love homes- construction, style, design, architecture… even landscaping! I truly take an interest in it all, and love helping my clients envision the potential of a property. When it came time to reenter the workforce, it just made sense to go in this direction. You could say it’s in my blood!”

Today, Renee works together with her father at Boardwalk where she is learning the ropes of what makes a successful career in real estate that has longevity. She assists largely with marketing properties and transaction management. And despite her love for everything homes, she says the favorite thing about her job is working with clients. “I’m a people person. I love getting to know people and helping them achieve their goals. I truly share in the excitement of a client closing on their new home as if it were my own. There’s just nothing better.”