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Many home buyers think that buying a house involves a few simple steps, but are not prepared for complications that may arise. Ideally, buying a house would mean finding your ideal home, putting in an offer, having your first offer accepted, closing the deal and moving into your new home. The reality is, home-buying often involves surprises, and working with an experienced agent can make those surprises feel like a bump in the road rather than a road block. With a licensed and trained real estate agent from Boardwalk Real Estate Corp., buyers are guided through the process of buying a home step by step. Throughout the process there will be lots of questions and concerns and you’re going to be glad you have an agent to help give you clarity throughout. If you would like to meet with a Boardwalk agent to discuss your real estate goals and options, feel free to fill out the form below and we will put someone in contact with you. As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves on our personalized customer service to truly understand our clients needs as well as respect their personal timeline and goals. We are here to help assist in any way we can!

Steps To Home Buying:

1. It’s critical to get your financing in order as soon as possible. You’ll need to find a mortgage broker to help you establish what you can afford. Talk over with your partner or business partner what you both feel comfortable spending, and then set a benchmark for what you’ll need to save for a down payment. Until you know your budget and have your down payment saved, you won’t be able to put in any offers, so it’s important to get this process started early! If you need help finding a mortgage broker, we are happy to connect you with one of our trusted lenders that we think would be a good fit for you! 2. Hire a real estate agent and talk about your goals and wishlist for your new property. This is the fun part! We want to know exactly what you’re looking for with this purchase so we can best serve you. In the meantime, feel free to search homes online to figure out which features resonate with you and your needs. Having a clear, yet flexible, wishlist will make it easy for us to narrow down properties to show you. 3. When you find a home that feels right, it’s time to put in an offer. As your agent, we are here to guide you through the whole offer process from how much you should offer, to which contingencies should be in place, and through the acceptance phases and negotiations. It may take more than one try to get an offer accepted, and we are here to help you manage the entire process, no matter how many tries it takes! 4. Once you get an accepted offer, it will be time to close on your new home! We will guide you throughout the entire process, clarifying any questions, getting the necessary paperwork in order, working with the seller, their agent and all attorneys involved, as well as making sure your financing is where it needs to be so that the closing goes smoothly!

Find Your Perfect Home©

Not sure where to begin? Step one is getting pre-qualified for a mortgage by a lender. We have many connections to competitive local lenders in the area. Pre-approved and ready to start looking? Let us help you find the perfect home for you at the right price.