For Sellers

Selling your home can feel like quite the undertaking, but with a Boardwalk agent on your team, we aim to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. Our goal is not to sell your home to meet our needs, we aim to sell your home to meet your needs. This means that, although we will guide you and offer our professional opinions, we want to make sure that you feel settled with every step of the process. You can rest assured knowing the negotiations will be navigated professionally and are not settled until we reach a price you are comfortable with. We will help ensure that you are maximizing your price potential. This includes, advising you on timing so you hit a favorable point in the market cycle, assisting you with staging and making strategic improvements to your home in order to increase its value, doing the necessary research to price your home accurately and competitively, and utilizing our extensive network of leads to connect you with potential buyers. At Boardwalk, you can feel confident to leave the process to us; marketing your property, coordinating showings, managing multiple offers, record keeping, scheduling bank appraisals, ordering final utility bills. etc. Our goal is to make this process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Steps To Selling Your Home:

1. Hiring a real estate professional is the first step to selling your home! You may be tempted to go it alone, but having a professional that knows the local market, the larger market trends, how to list the home properly and how to market the home effectively is truly worth it’s weight in gold! It will make your job a lot easier and more enjoyable. 2. Once you’ve found the agent that’s right for you, it’s time to list your home. This will include any updates or cleaning of the property that are necessary, taking professional photos, creating marketing brochures, scheduling open houses, and putting the listing online for customers to view at any time. 3. After the home is listed, your real estate agent will present you will all of the offers you get and will help you make a decision for which offer best suits your goals. 4. Once you’ve decided which offer to accept, your real estate agent will make sure all of the necessary paperwork is in place and will handle all of the negotiating with the buyer, buyer’s agent, and all attorneys involved. 5. Accepted offer and paperwork in order, it’s time to close! Having all paperwork squared away and the home ready for the new buyers means your closing will go smoothly and stress-free!

Have We Sold Your Home Before?

Let us help you determine your list price.

Online home value tools are only so accurate. Contact us for a free Comparative Market Analysis of your home to get a real assessment of your home's value. We will research comparable properties that have recently sold in your area, and take into consideration amenities in your neighborhood and unique features of your property to determine an accurate listing price that will attract buyers.