The short answer to this question is yes. Now, of course we are a real estate brokerage firm, so you may think we’re just saying that to serve our interests. The fact is, greater than 95% of homes and properties are successfully sold through licensed real estate agents.

There are many aspects of buying and selling real estate that can get confusing. Having an agent that knows the laws and industry inside out helps you navigate the entire process with ease. The more prepared and on top of everything you and your agent are, the easier closing will be without having any hiccups that could delay the final sale.

Having a real estate agent to guide you also offers you general peace of mind since you have a professional to call with any questions or concerns that may arise. Your agent is there to guide you on anything such as staging and presentation, listing price, and fielding offers, as well as all communication between the agent on the other side of the deal and all attorneys involved.

All in all, we highly recommend using a professional real estate agent to help guide you through your process! If you are interested in talking with an agent from Boardwalk to see how we can help you achieve your real estate goals, feel free to contact us anytime! If you are looking to buy, please click here. If you are looking to sell, please click here. If you have any general inquiries, click here.