So you’ve decided to sell your home! This is a big decision to make, and of course one of the biggest factors is the question of how much you can get for it. There are a few best practices to get your home in tip top condition so it presents well to buyers, and gets you higher offers! Keep in mind, every home is different so it’s up to the seller and their agent to decide which are needed, if any. Take a look below to see three of Boardwalk’s suggestions to make the most of your home’s presentation!

1. Declutter main areas that will be seen during open houses or private showings.

This is so important! When buyers are looking at your home, they’re going to be envisioning what it would be like to live there themselves with their families furniture and daily items. The more of a clean and blank canvas you give them to look at, the more easily they can envision their belongings in the space. It also helps rooms feel larger when there is less clutter, and allows buyers to get a better understanding of the layout and unique features that the home possesses!

2. Use your own furniture and decorations to stage your home.

Staging homes can be extremely effective because it gives buyers a greater perspective of what amounts of furniture fit in each room. You can very easily use your own furniture and decorations to neatly stage your home. Keep it simple, use minimal decorations, and highlight your best pieces!

3. Make repairs and upgrades to necessary blemishes in or outside of your home.

You don’t need to go over the top, but it can be helpful to do some touch ups to the interior or exterior of your home in preparation to show it. Things like: painting stained walls, fixing any broken cabinet or closet doors, trimming bushes outside, planting some flowers in the flower beds, etc. Doing some touch ups may help get you higher offers!

If you are interested in listing your home and would like to get a complimentary property evaluation, as well as personalized advice to best showcase your home, feel free to contact us on our Seller’s Page. We would love to help you achieve your real estate goals!